About Us

HAL Architects, Town Planners & Interior Designers is a development-based design studio with over 35 years’ experience – recognised for the consistent delivery of high-quality, bespoke architectural outcomes throughout South East Queensland and across other parts of Australia.
Our practice continues to respond to the ongoing demands for wider housing choices, changing living and work place environments, and a growing public awareness and appreciation of the importance of outstanding design.
Our Kangaroo Point studio is structured in a manner that ensures all our skill sets are integrated from project inception which assists in the delivery of a cohesive and collaborative approach to all our development projects.

709 Main Street Kangaroo Point

Elizabeth Anderson
FRAIA / B.Arch 1st Class Hons / B.Blt.Env.Arch / Reg.Arch.Qld NSW Tas / Dev.Tribunal Referee

Adam Lockhart
Town Planner

Gerard Lynch
FRAIA / BSc (Hons) Dip Arch
(London UCL)